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Fisher & Strachan, Inc. (FSI) maintains a full service commercial construction team, employing full time employees and in-house work force that specializes in framing, finishing, carpentry and painting. Our large extended family of sub contractors concentrate their efforts on providing those specialized trades needed to complete a project. These resources are controlled, coordinated and executed by our Project Management Team. This team is comprised of superintendents, project managers and support personnel.

As prevailing trends have changed the commercial construction industry, our philosophy has remained the same; the client comes first. Since 1974, FSI has succeeded in managing projects that accommodate the client. As a result, FSI has developed a system that caters to the clients' needs combining a traditional, hands-on management style with the latest modern management techniques available.

Beginning with only a handful of people offering local residential renovating, Fisher & Strachan, Inc. has risen through the ranks to become a full service commercial construction company. Our services have expanded to include work throughout the east coast states, including Maryland, Virginia, DC, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as Texas. The transformation from a local company to an ever expanding company has provided FSI the opportunity to furnish our clientele with virtually every aspect of construction in the renovation and commercial build-out sector.

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