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FSI's dental Design/Build program began in 1990. We have completed dozens of successful projects. Working directly with the dentist, the equipment supplier, and a select group of subcontractors who contribute to the project design, we form an efficient and cost-effective controlled management system. Our team concept is spearheaded by a close working relationship with the dentist.

Fisher and Strachan's Objective:
Our design program accommodates the high tech dental equipment and the proper installation of electrical and plumbing support services necessary for today's sophisticated dental practice. Value engineering has made it possible for us to stay competitive in this rapidly growing industry.

FSI provides design capability, construction within budget, and timely coordination of all components of the work. From residential settings to retail space to multi-level office building leases, we have put the personal touch on dental practices throughout the area.

Creating dramatic changes to an otherwise standard set of office features is one of the hallmarks of our work. We have used residential elements such as drywall ceilings, glass-paneled doors, directional lighting, crown molding and wood paneling to promote a soft and relaxing atmosphere in these dental suites.

Our in-house team of superintendents, drywall technicians, painters and laborers furnishes most of the construction for a dental build-out. This gives FSI the ability to limit overhead and control costs that can facilitate a quality project at an efficient cost.

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