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A list and short description of larger office and special contracts completed by Fisher and Strachan, Inc. (FSI).



Whole Foods, East Coast Headquarters, North Bethesda, MD
A full floor office renovation of the 9th floor, and partial renovation of the 10th floor. A combined 30,000 square foot build out of the head quarters for Whole Foods, Inc. A time critical project, that had numerous construction changes was completed on time by working closely with the client, architect and tenant to create an impressive office space. This headquarters includes high end finishes such as walnut doors, casings, cabinetry and furniture, maple ceiling and wall panels, as well as specialty flooring and cabinetry designs. A specialty IT Server Room and Remote Generator were installed as the backbone for the IT Equipment that services this tenant's east coast IT operations. Also incorporates standard office space and systems furniture for a complete, impressive, full service build out.

Broadsoft Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland
A full floor build out in a single story building along the 270 Corridor in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Included several new roof top units, systems furniture, office space, meeting rooms, and an extensive IT Server Room for this Internet Company. Responsibilities included pre-construction budget pricing, value engineering and site work renovations to the exterior building and parking facilities.

Corps. Of Engineers, Design/Build, Full Floor Office Replacement
A major fire damaged finishes on several floors and completely destroyed one floor (42,000 sf) of offices. FSI completed the design/build contract to replace the systems that were destroyed. Responsibility required design and construction to be completed on a "fast track" schedule to replace all architectural, mechanical and electrical systems. In order to meet the Owner's schedule and for Owner to avoid lease payment penalties, FSI completed drawings for permit prior to award of contract. Project was designed by Keith J. Hunter, Architect. Contract was awarded on a negotiated basis.

Child Development Center, US Coast Guard Bldg., SW, Washington, DC
Complete interior renovations with exterior modifications made for access. Complete Day Care facility established within a privately owned, government leased building. Design considerations included a special emphasis on the quality, performance and content of the finish materials. Extensive renovations to existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to accommodate the needs in a full service child care facility. Project designed by CHK Architects. Contract was awarded through a competitive bid process.

CIGNA Offices Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland
Fast track office renovations with major improvements to the building core systems being required. Success of project required close cooperation among CIGNA's representative, the design team and FSI. Project designed by Friar & Associates. Contract was awarded through a competitive bid process.

Raymond James Offices, 1401 Eye St., NW, Washington, DC
Renovation of high profile, street level office space for this national stock brokerage house. Special features of this project included a blending of open and private office, conference/meeting space and custom built-in furniture and reception desk. Project was designed by Gensler Associates. Contract was awarded through a competitive bid process.

NovaCare, Williams Drive, Fairfax Virginia
Involved complete interior renovations of large office suite for corporate use. Special features of this project included renovations of public corridors and lobbies and creation of special conference facilities. Project designed by Burroughs Roos Grierson. Contract was awarded through a competitive bid process.

Trizechahn Office Properties, Trizechahn Offices, Arlington, Virginia
Complete demolition and interior development of office space for this international, real estate organization. Special features of the project included upgrading mechanical system, curved accent walls, special wall and floor finishes. Responsibility included close coordination with management and existing tenant to complete the renovations in phases to relocate existing tenant without interrupting tenant's daily operation. Project was designed by Burns & Associates. Contract was awarded through a competitive bid process.

Wigman, Cohen Law Offices, 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC
Complete demolition and interior development of Class A, legal office space for prominent law firm. Special features of this project included conference room with computer controlled audio and video equipment, a reception area with special floor and wall treatments, as well as custom built furniture and millwork. Project was designed by Burns & Associates. Contract was awarded through a competitive bid process.


Corps of Engineers, Special Office Renovations, 20 Mass. Ave., NW, Washington, DC $260,000
Several major office renovation projects have been secured through negotiation and through the competitive bid process in this building which is privately owned, government leased and completely occupied by the Corps. Executive offices were completed on the eighth floor. Special features included upgraded finishes including millwork, heavy wood trim and upgraded floor and wall finishes. Major office renovations were completed throughout the sixth floor including changes to the basic mechanical system.

Carey Winston Company (Transwestern Carey Winston), Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC Offices
Complete demolition and interior development of Class A, corporate office space for one of the largest real estate firms in the Washington, DC area. Special features of these projects included a conference room with computer controlled audio and video equipment, a reception area with high level of finish for flooring, wall treatments and custom built millwork/furniture, extensive office space with a blending of open offices, private offices and support rooms to increase efficiency of daily operations. Projects were designed by Associated Space Design (Virginia) and Gensler Associates (Washington, DC). Contracts were awarded through the competitive bid process.

Lockheed Martin Offices, North Myer Drive, Rosslyn, Virginia
Renovations to offices and installation of special security features regarding entry/access and operations. Improvements included reception areas, conference rooms, office space and maintenance of facilities over a decade or more of service. The Lockheed Martin and FSI relationship began in the mid 1980's. Contracts were awarded on negotiated and competitively bid basis.

Upgrade Toilet Rooms and Core Area, 20 Mass., Ave., NW, Washington, DC
Complete renovation and upgrade of finishes for the toilet rooms, drinking fountains and replacement of stair railing in building of approximately 450,000 sf of net, leased area. Special features of this project included installation of electronically controlled plumbing fixtures, replaced toilet partitions and provided modern accessories, upgraded light fixtures and lighting features, custom fabricated stainless steel handrails, custom steel picket frames with wire mesh in-fill and installation of steel and concrete ramps to provide handicap access at all garage entrances to elevators. Project designed by Burns & Associates. Contract was awarded on a competitive bid basis.

Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad, Bethesda, Maryland
Extensive renovations made to vehicular storage bay, as well as the sleeping quarters, dining, and shower/toilet room areas. Special features of the project included extensive pre-contract value engineering by FSI of HVAC and plumbing systems and coordination of trades to insure that the efficiency of the emergency response teams, in this 24 hour-per-day, seven-days-per-week operation was not impaired. Project was designed by Donnally & Associates. Contract was awarded on competitive bid basis.

TW Perry, Linthicum, Maryland
Renovation to an existing one story building to include office space and a Show Room for this building supplier. Included specialty millwork and cabinetry to accommodate the clients retail needs. Included value engineering of the HVAC and electric systems. And included a furnish and installation of an emergency generator. The value engineering and close working relationship with the client and architect resulted in a quick completion of this difficult project that came in under budget.

City Sports & United Colors of Bennetton, Gallery Place, Chinatown, Washington, DC
Worked in conjunction with an out of state contractor / developer to build two retail spaces that are part of the MCI / Verizon Center. Worked with out of state clients, architects and developers to coordinate the local on site construction. Our on site superintendent had the responsibility of coordinating all on site trades for the successful completion of these retail spaces. Responsibilities included working with the base building contractors and developers of the MCI / Verizon Center whose work was on going during our construction build outs.

Lobby and Corridor Improvements, 8618 Westwood Center Drive, McLean, Virginia
Special features of the project included complete upgrade of core fire alarm systems renovations of the elevator cabs, as well as replacing all finishes of lobby and corridor ceilings, walls and floors. Finishes required the mixing and blending of different materials which required extensive analysis of materials and coordination of installation details. Contract was awarded on a competitive bid basis.

Emergency Operations Center, Corps. Of Engineers, 20 Mass. Ave., NW, Washington, DC
Renovations to existing office space to provide high level security area. Special features of the project included installation of sound rated doors, security hardware and supplemental computer room flooring, mechanical and electrical systems. Responsibility included consultations on design and security features to insure proper coordination of contract-required and Owner-furnished systems, supervision and coordination of specialty contractors and “in-house” tradesmen, and testing to insure proper quality level of installation was achieved. Project was designed for the Corps. of Engineers by Grimm & Parker, Architects. Contract was awarded on a competitive bid basis.


Renovations for World Bank, 1776 G Street, NW, Washington, D.C.
FSI completed contracts direct with the building owner for six full floor renovations throughout this building whose primary tenant was the World Bank. “In-house” trades personnel completed the bulk of the architectural trade work including demolition, ceiling work, partitioning, flooring and base, purchase and installation of all doors, frames and hardware, as well as the painting and wall covering work.

Gray Hawk, Alexandria, Va.; Crystal City, Va.; Vienna, Va.
Completed several floors of office space in several locations for this government security contractor. Included standard office space, systems furniture, IT Room, Meeting Rooms with SCIF requirements as required by this specialty contractor. Responsibilities included value engineering of HVAC and electric systems that would not compromise the security requirements. Special sound proof wall and ceiling systems and security hardware were typical elements for this client's projects.

4. Command SCIF Room - top secret SCIF room utilizing masonry and steel plates for intrusion and radio frequency shielding/integrity. Full electrical and telephone filtering, separate (24 hour -- 7 days/week) HVAC systems, complete with sound attenuation including white noise systems, sound rated doors, security hardware and bank-type vault door at entry.

SCIF Rooms completed.

1. AT & T offices, Washington, D.C.
2. Mitre Corporation, Rosslyn, VA
3. Photon Research, Inc., Rosslyn, VA
4. U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Building, Washington, D.C.
5. Symmetron, Inc., Fairfax, VA
6. Symmetron Prefab Vaults Renovation, Fairfax, VA
7. Honeywell, Inc., Marine Division, Rosslyn, VA
8. GTE Corporation, Tysons Corner, VA
9. Schafer Corporation (W.J. Shafer Associates), Rosslyn, VA

Safe Depository of Washington, Bethesda, MD, required installation of a complete 24 hour vault and safety deposit box facility. Project requirements included bullet proof glass, steel plate lined vault with special security, electrical and HVAC.

Citizens Bank of Maryland, Ridgefield Branch, Ridgefield, MD, installation of full service bank including special security, electrical and HVAC requirements. Special feature of project included demolition of concrete on grade and installation of a six sided reinforced-steel and concrete safe deposit structure compete with bank-vault door.

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