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Today's medical community is challenged with providing the highest level of care while implementing cutting edge technology and equipment, in an industry where the demand for greater access to these services far exceeds the number of clinics and facilities that offer this care. At Fisher and Strachan (FSI), we are focusing our current attention and future direction toward meeting this challenge.

Fisher and Strachan's Objective
A health care facility is successful only when it can meet the demands for providing quality support services. FSI has helped the medical community meet these demands for over 20 years with a dedicated team of subcontractors, in-house superintendents, and project managers. We have created an effective and time sensitive approach to coordinating these support services.

FSI prides itself on meeting those mechanical, plumbing, and electrical requirements essential to promoting the highest quality of care in the areas of rehabilitation, dialysis treatment, physical therapy, and routine health maintenance.

Specialized medical equipment requires specialized construction techniques, including the containment of X-rays and protection from X-ray exposure for both equipment operators and their patients. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems are among the most environment-sensitive systems offered by the medical community. Achieving effective diagnostics from this sophisticated machinery depends heavily on the proper construction of the MRI facility. This includes providing static free and noise free surroundings, as well as precise control of humidity, ventilation and air quality to protect the sensitivity of the equipment and optimize results.

Our kidney dialysis program illustrates the rising demand for more health care facilities. From New Jersey to Virginia, FSI has completed dozens of dialysis clinics and specialty treatment rooms adding over 300 individual treatment stations for dialysis patients.

Kidney dialysis treatment combines multi-million dollar filtration equipment with a support system that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve patients. Furthermore, as upgraded treatment systems become available, FSI has developed time-critical renovation plans that can retroactively fit these clinics with the newest systems, without compromising patient needs.

Because of our experience with these specialized medical environments, we can assemble a knowledgeable, and dependable group of subcontractors who appreciate and fully understand these critical elements.

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