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Security and the protection of information are primary concerns of the new technology-driven industries. FSI has provided cutting edge construction build-outs to meet these concerns. As businesses today seek reduction in high tech equipment and systems vulnerability they look to the technologically sophisticated construction managers at FSI.
Larger businesses rely almost completely on their electronic and computer systems to maintain daily operations. Local Area Networks (LANs) govern these systems. Usually, these LAN or computer rooms require special attention in their construction. Environmental controls maintaining constant levels of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services ensure the proper operation of these network systems. Elevated flooring systems are common requirements for these LAN rooms as well.

Sensitive Information Facilities
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, known as SCIF's, are another specialized construction capability. We have been involved with both government and private industry contracts requiring security containment build-outs. These often include the installation of steel plating and reinforced concrete. Walls, flooring and ceilings create perimeter barriers making unauthorized access impenetrable. We have installed white noise systems utilizing specialized electrical and HVAC components that render eavesdropping capabilities useless.

FSI has had the opportunity to build 24/7 secure safe deposit box facilities requiring special HVAC, electric, security and pre-activated sprinkler designs. FSI has delivered steel lined bank vaults and doors, as well as bulletproof construction.

Computer systems and security are not the only types of specialized construction we offer. The visual appearance of corporate offices, storefronts, bank branch offices and lobbies appeals to the aesthetic signature of a company or building structure. High-end finishes along with building design improvements and renovations have long been a staple of our construction service, usually involving our in-house crews.

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