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Mr. Richard B. Strachan
Fisher and Strachan, Inc.
11820 Coakly Circle
Rockville, MD 20852

Dear Mr. Strachan:

        I have received your letter dated January 8, 1999 concerning the HVAC problem at the Alexandria clinic. This report fills in a number of gaps in the information chain and helps to clarify the problems and how we can bring them to resolution.

        I wanted to include this personal note from me thanking Fisher and Strachan for their continued efforts in resolving this issue. Everyone on the Fisher and Strachan team that was involved with this problem presented themselves with professionalism throughout the process. The one point I would like to have conveyed to your whole team is that during this issue, not one of your people, including yourself, ever said "it is not my problem", even though it clearly was a design/manufacturing problem.

        In closing, I want to express GAMBRO's appreciation, as well as mine, for the outstanding work your company has done on all of our projects.

        The next time I am in the area, I would like to take you and your team to dinner to say thanks.


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